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Staten Island, New York

Prey Love Eat

Prey Love Eat is a creepy comedy where not everything is what it seems. "Be careful what you wish for, it might just come back to bite you."

Halloween Awakening

Halloween Awakening "The Legacy of Michael Myers" is our continuation to the legendary Halloween franchise.  "The Man, The Myth, The Legacy."

Catch of the Day

Back to the Movies

A wild journey through time and cinema history. This is how we introduced Catch of the Day at its premiere. Come along for the ride.

This horror/thriller is our first feature film and one of the Best in Fest winners at the Hot Springs Horror Film Festival

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For more information about any of the services we offer, or for updates regarding any of our past, present and future projects we can be reached at any of the links below. 

Recent News

Back to the Movies, a film review and marketing website founded by Sean Evans, has partnered with Fuzz on the Lens and is now featuring our short film on their website.  More information on the partnership will be released soon.

Catch of the Day gets an exclusive review by Trapjaw at ScareTissue.com.  

Halloween Awakening receives two more great reviews that can be found on ScareTissue.com.

Read From Fan Film to Indie Film, which chronicles the making of Halloween Awakening and how it led to our upcoming involvement in    Mane Entertainment's newest film, Penance Lane.

Catch of the Day wins Best in Fest at the Hot Springs Horror Film Festival and Fuzz on the Lens will return next year as the official production company of the festival for the second year running.