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11/12/13 -- Happy Birthday to Us

After countless productions, and years of hard work, this is the day that Fuzz on the Lens Productions LLC was officially formed.  There is a lot more history before this point, but this is where our timeline will begin...

Steve LaMorte, Timothy Gaer, Steve Della Salla & Ryan Verbel, Black Hole Sun
Planning Shots with Peter Engert

Jan. '14

8/14/14 -- Bottle in the Smoke

This September we will begin production on the short film

"Bottle in the Smoke" is a powerful drama written by Craig Joseph Pisani and starring Emmy Winner, Martha Byrne.  It is approximately a half hour long and will tour the national and international film festival circuit upon completion.

For more information and updates about the film please LIKE its Facebook page.

To help support the film even more please contribute to its Indie GoGo Campaign.

1/25/15 -- Black Hole Sun

Complete principal photography on our co-produced feature film

"Black Hole Sun" is a found footage film about a world trapped in a perpetual eclipse.  The film was written and directed by our friend Timothy Gaer and was shot entirely on location in and around Scranton, Pennsylvania.  The crew had to brave two weeks of long nights in sub-zero temperatures, but it was an experience we will never forget and are glad to have been a part of. 

For more information and updates about the film please LIKE its Facebook page.

12/9/13 -- Shining Reviews of Halloween 

​from Trapjaw at

Officially there is one review of Halloween Awakening done by the lead writer and editor at the newly formed and quickly rising  However, after reading the article, watching the film and enjoying it so much a fan took the time to write another mini-review in the comment section below the article.  Read them both, and when you're done let us know if you agree with them.  READ MORE 

1/14/14 -- Exclusive Review of Catch of the Day

from Trapjaw at

"Fuzz on the Lens has quickly become my favorite small production company.  ScareTissue first reviewed their short film Halloween Awakening back in December, and Steven Della Salla was kind enough to write this piece about how that film led to their opportunity to work with Tyler Mane on his next project.  Fuzz on the Lens followed up on the success of Awakening with their first feature film Catch of the Day..."   READ MORE

Old School Hand Warmers, Black Hole Sun

Feb. '15

Behind the scenes of Fear Clinic with Slipknot's lead singer, Corey Taylor
5 Below, Black Hole Sun

Jul. '14

Writer & Producer, Craig Joseph Pisani at the Bottle in the Smoke fundraiser
Mike Leavy and Fiona Dourif, Fear Clinic

May '16

Nov. '13

The Nose Knows, Bottle in the Smoke Fundraiser
Our Broken Window in Georgia
Our Brand New Red Epic MX

5/15/16 -- Penance Lane

Production wraps on another co-produced feature film

After finishing Abnormal Attraction with Tyler Mane and Renae Geerlings, we decided to team up again.  This time as producers on Mane Entertainment's second feature film entitled "Penance Lane."  Along with Tyler and Renae, the film stars Scout Taylor-Compton ("Halloween I & II" / "Nashville"), John Schneider ("The Duke's of Hazard"), Daniel Roebuck ("The Fugitive" / "US Marshals" / "Matlock") and our own Michael Leavy.
The production, that just concluded outside of Atlanta, Georgia, also had a fantastic crew, headlined by director Peter Engert, stunt coordinator Ben Jensen and award winning production designer Shane Morton.
For more information and updates about the film visit it's IMDb.

1/10/15 -- One Stop Away

Complete principal photography on our co-produced feature film

"One Stop Away" is a film made almost entirely by the students and alumni of Monsignor Farrell High School, here on Staten Island.  The founding partners of Fuzz on the Lens, along with the starring cast, writer, producers and director, Steve LaMorte, all called the school home or still do.  We are extraordinarily proud to be a part of this project and will always owe a lot to our favorite school.  

Vir Fidelis!  

7/17/14 -- The Red Epic

Purchase of Red Digital Cinema's "Epic-MX" Digital Cinema Camera

​The acquisition of this camera is huge for Fuzz on the Lens.  It is an exceptional camera that shoots with incredibly high quality (up to 5K, which is more than double the resolution of normal 1080p HD). The Epic is an industry workhorse that has shot numerous blockbuster motion pictures, including Transformers, Star Trek, This is the End, The Great Gatsby, Captain America, Lone Survivor, Oz: The Great and Powerful, The Hobbit and many more.

12/3/13 -- Fuzz on the Lens Spends Time in Fear Clinic

Today, Steve Della Salla and Michael Leavy arrived in Medina, Ohio to spend some time on the set of, writers' Aaron Drane and Robert Hall's, horror feature "Fear Clinic."  The film is based off of FearNet's popular web series and stars horror legend, Robert Englund (Freddy Kreuger in A Nightmare on Elm Street series) Fiona Dourif (Curse of Chucky) and Corey Taylor (SlipKnot).

12/18/13 -- From Fan Film to Indie Film 

featured on

​This piece was written by our own Steven Della Salla after being contacted by a founder of, and the lead writer for the up-and-coming; after he had reviewed Halloween Awakening.  The article chronicles the making of Halloween Awakening and how it lead to Fuzz on the Lens Productions being invited to be a part of Mane Entertainment's newest film entitled Penance Lane.  READ MORE 

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Johnny Collins performing at the Bottle in the Smoke fundraiser

Dec. '14

Christmas in July, Unwrapping our new camera

Aug. '14

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Tutoring Robert Englund between scenes, Fear Clinic
A cold and snowy Medina, Ohio outside of the diner scene, Fear Clinic

Dec. '13

2/9/15 -- Abnormal Attraction & Malcolm McDowell

After announcing our newest feature film, the cast begins to round out

Our newest film will be a feature-length comedy entitled "Abnormal Attraction."  It is set to be filmed in New York over the summer.  It will star the Hollywood icon, Malcolm McDowell from productions like "A Clockwork Orange" and "Entourage." The cast will also include Leslie Easterbrook ("Police Academy" franchise), Tyler Mane (Michael Myers in "Halloween"), Eileen Dietz ("The Exorcist") and Ron Jeremy.  As well as many more that are yet to be announced.    

For more information and updates about the film please LIKE its Facebook page.

Please stay tuned to learn about and contribute to our crowd funding campaign.

Tanked, One Stop Away
Hanging out with Behind the Scenes with Brandon Beemer and Angelina Armani, Fear Clinic
Playing with Props, Black Hole Sun

Jan '15

Gilbrando Acevedo & Mark Langston at the Bottle in the Smoke fundraiser
Looking for that Fuzz, One Stop Away
Msgr. Farrell's Roof, One Stop Away