Come See The World Through Our Lens

Staten Island, New York

Back to the Movies follows the Fuzz on the Lens crew as we stumble upon the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future and it takes us on a wild ride through cinema history.  We become part of classic films such as Casino Royale, Psycho, Jurassic Park, ET and many more all while trying to get back to the premiere of our film Catch of the Day.


However, Back to the Movies needs more than a simple synopsis to truly be appreciated.  Our first feature film Catch of the Day was about to be premiered and we wanted to make it an event.  The movie would be the main attraction, but an event needs an opening act.  Out of that, Back to the Movies was born.  We knew we had complete control over a theater for the night, thanks to the good people at The Atrium Cinemas on Staten Island, and that was an opportunity that had to be taken advantage of. Therefore, the decision was made to make the skit interactive.  Live action would be seamlessly mixed with pre-recorded action and the audience would feel as if they were a part of the journey that was happening just outside the theater.  

The idea was the easy part, the execution is what makes Back to the Movies special.  The entire project had to be done in the less than a week leading up to the premiere and could cost us almost no money since the movie it was being made to introduce had already emptied our pockets.  Some very creative writing, planning and costuming allowed for all the stories to flow and the settings to come together.  

In the end you are left with one of our favorite projects.  We hope you all enjoy the ride as much as we did.