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It's the year 2038 and Michael Myers has returned to Haddonfield once again to finish what he started...60 years ago.

This shot for shot reimagining of the official Halloween 2018 trailer shows the "Out of" Shape's final homecoming (maybe).

Check out the side by side comparison ----->

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Halloween Awakening "The Legacy of Michael Myers"

"The Man, The Myth, The Legacy."

Halloween Awakening is Fuzz on the Lens Productions' take on the legendary Halloween franchise. The film was put together during a very small time frame (roughly a month for all phases of production) with an even smaller budget for the official fan film festival in 2012.

Halloween Awakening is meant to be the ninth installment in the storied Halloween franchise. It is a direct sequel to Halloween Resurrection, not a remake or related to Rob Zombie's idea of Halloween. It is based on John Carpenter's original vision. It does not overlook any aspects of the eight preceding films; it instead purposefully incorporates ideas from all of them in order to combine the two diverging storylines and create one fluent and connected legacy of Michael Myers. Halloween Awakening keeps the traditional feel of the original Halloween and moves it forward for a modern audience.