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Catch of the Day

Within a small country town, people are disappearing without a trace.  It's up to one big city detective to discover if they're simply runaways or if there is something much more sinister at work. 

Halloween Awakening

"The Legacy of Michael Myers"

Our take on the legendary Halloween franchise picks up right where Resurrection left off.  It stays true to the original while still managing to connect the series' two diverging storylines.  It was originally made for the HalloweenMovies Fan Film Festival and was completed in its entirety within a one month time frame.

Prey Love Eat

In this creepy comedy not everything is what it seems.  It follows two young men as they experience the night of their lives.  They get the chance to make all of their fantasies a reality, but at a cost.  "Be careful what you wish for, it might just come back to bite you."  Prey Love Eat was initially made as a student film and is not available to the public at this time. 


Our first SAG-AFTRA project, is a short, live-action, dramatic spoof of the popular board game.  Dr. M. Bradley "will leave you in stitches."

Pot Heads

A group of friends is drawn to something that doesn't belong to them.  They soon find out that every decision has repercussions.

Inside Story

This short is a sequel to Pot Heads that further explains the world that the group of friends has trapped themselves in.  It was accepted into the Campus MovieFest and nominated as one of the top three comedies, earning it a trip to the finals in Hollywood.

Back to the Movies

This short film was made during the three days leading up to our premiere for Catch of the Day.  It is an interactive skit designed for the big screen, that takes the audience on a journey through cinema history with the Fuzz on the Lens crew.  Enjoy the ride.

Peeping Creepers

Very loosely inspired by true events, Peeping Creepers is the comically told story of every girl's worst nightmare.  This short film is one of our earlier works that was conceived and shot entirely in one night.  We made the most of what was directly available to us and spent absolutely no money.  

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