Feature films

Our newest feature, and one that we are particularly proud of.  It is the first film with a reasonable budget that we produced entirely on our own.

Set to release later this year it stars Bruce Davison, Gilbert Gottfried, Tyler Mane, Jim Hanks, Michael Buscemi, Melanie Iglesias, Ron Jeremy, with Leslie Easterbrook and Malcolm McDowell.  MORE INFO

This one of a kind film was made during the three days leading up to our premiere for Catch of the Day.  It is an interactive skit designed for the big screen, that takes the audience on a journey through cinema history with the Fuzz on the Lens crew.  MORE INFO can be found here, or you can just click here and ENJOY THE RIDE...


At Fuzz on the Lens, feature films have long been our bread and butter.  Don't get us wrong, we love shorts, music videos and everything else involving a camera, but features are close to our heart.  Way before this was ever a business to us (like ages in the single digits) we were grabbing cameras running around the neighborhood and making full length movies. Today things are a little different, but the passion remains...


Our first SAG-AFTRA project, is a short, live-action spoof of the popular board game. Dr. M. Bradley "will leave you in stitches"... he's already done so to almost 10 Million viewers on YouTube.  WATCH NOW

Peeping Creepers

Very loosely inspired by true events, Peeping Creepers is the comically told story of every girl's worst nightmare.  This short film is one of our earlier works that was conceived and shot entirely in one night.  We made the most of what was directly available to us and spent absolutely no money.   WATCH NOW

Mixed Messages

This is a 5 minute short comedy that tells the story of a teenage boy who musters up the courage to send that make-or-break text to the hottest girl in school. Then he waits for her to answer ... and then he waits some more. It was nominated as one of the Best Comedies in the country and selected to screen at Campus MovieFest Hollywood.  WATCH NOW

Shot in conjunction with Forerunner Films and Director/Producer Justin Ambrosino; this short film that looks to become a series, is set in 1883 and tells the story of a Japanese-born woman, trained as a samurai, that emigrates to New York hoping for a better life. Instead she finds racism, violence and the need to defend the innocent.  SI ADVANCE ARTICLE  --  LEARN MORE

Covering the Spread

Definitely not a family comedy, this can be considered one of our dirtier projects, but how clean can it be when it stars our friend, fellow Staten Island comedian, Vic DiBitetto.  This short details a day in the life of a gynecologist but does so entirely from the perspective of the vagina.  WATCH NOW 

Our take on the legendary Halloween franchise picks up right where Resurrection left off and adds to "The Legacy of Michael Myers."  It stays true to the original while still managing to connect the series' two diverging storylines.  It was originally made for the HalloweenMovies Fan Film Festival and was completed in its entirety within a one month time frame.  MORE INFO & BEHIND THE SCENES 


In what is possibly our first true drama, the story of a dying woman's regrets forces a young girl to take a look at herself, her choices and her future. Starring Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist), Jackie Adragna and Kristina Jiminez.  WATCH NOW

A co-production with Mane Entertainment this horror film was shot in Georgia and directed by Peter Engert.  It stars Tyler Mane (Halloween & X-Men), Daniel Roebuck (The Fugitive, Lost, Getting Grace), John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard), Scout Taylor Compton (Halloween, Gilmore Girls, Nashville) and an assortment of wrestling legends like Diamond Dallas Page and Booker T.

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A film grounded in faith and created almost entirely with cast and crew from our alma mater Monsignor Farrell High School.  This co-production with Sleight of Hand Productions and fellow alumnus Steven LaMorte is an inspiring story of a teacher reconnecting with his past and finding a way to get through to his students during Christmas.​  Check out the piece on NY1 and our Dove review or stream the whole film on Amazon (it's FREE with Prime).