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Staten Island, New York

1/24/18 -- From Sand to Snow, Florida to Utah

Fuzz on the Lens' attends TNABC Miami and the Sundance Film Festival

A last minute call took us off the course to Utah and instead to The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami.  Documenting the team from tZero as they release first of its kind blockchain technology, and their founder Patrick Byrne made the keynote address in front of a packed house. 

We then continued the journey to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.  After attending the world premiere of one the festival favorites, "Hereditary," we hit the slopes...and most importantly will have some news regarding the distribution of our film "Abnormal Attraction" very soon.

3/1/18 -- The Abnormal Attraction World Premiere

AA makes it's official world premiere in NYC in front of a sold out crowd

The cast, crew and over 400 excited fans got to be the first to witness Abnormal Attraction on the big screen.  The red carpet event was held at the SVA Theatre in Manhattan, where the drinks were flowing as much as the laughs.  Thank you to everyone who completely sold out the theater and made the night a great success, your continued support means everything to us and will allow us to continually hold events like this.

Follow the film on Facebook where you can see the trailer as well as all the photos from the premiere.

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11/30/17 -- 2017 Ford Transit 250 High-Roof

We bought a van

Stay tuned to see how it looks once it's all wrapped and ready to go...

1/1/18 -- New Year ... New Logo

Fuzz on the Lens' unveils its brand new logo

Today we kicked off a huge year for us the right way, by releasing our first ever official logo.

Maybe you can see how the F and L of Fuzz on the Lens, along with an eye and a lens inspired the design...

3/23/18 -- Abnormal Attraction at HorrorHound

AA has it's first public showing

This Friday night, Abnormal Attraction will make it's debut public screening at the world famous HorrorHound Film Festival and Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Featured as the "Midnight Monster Movie," it is one of the only comedies to be selected.  For more information on when and where you can see the film go like it's Facebook page.

2/24/18 -- All Wrapped Up

UPDATE - Our Van is Wrapped and Ready to Go

Over the past month, several upgrades have been installed in our brand new Ford Transit 250, primarily custom shelving and a 3,000 watt inverter and today the final piece of the puzzle was added by our friends at Sainz Designs.  They did a great job completing our one-of-a-kind exterior design and making the van look as good as everything we will make with it.